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Our investments


CIP invests in businesses by following an Incubation model.

Incubators are seed investments made personally by the CIP principals. Subject to meeting the set milestones, these businesses will raise Series A and / or B rounds from the CIP syndicate which acts as the lead investor.


We aim to build and maintain a portfolio of 5-10 incubator companies with potential to become full CIP recommendations.


The incubation period is typically 1-2 years, giving the CIP founders a much higher degree of conviction in the product market fit, the growth prospects and the economic model.


All investments (Incubator and CIP) require due diligence and a full investment appraisal.


Quarterly scorecards are used to benchmark the SaaS metrics and assess the quality of management.


Incubator investments that continue to deliver on target growth rates and metrics get elevated to the Conviction portfolio.

CIP becomes the lead investor, CIP founders take board seats, attend all board meetings and play an active role in key business decisions.


CIP is not a fund, all our investments are done on a deal-by-deal basis.

On occasion we invest opportunistically in off-strategy businesses that demonstrate a potential for impressive returns.

To date, CIP participated in 3 sidecar investments with one of the leading European VCs, Dawn Capital.


We have currently performed secondaries on two of our core portfolio, Oradian and Integrate.

New/Live Deals

To keep up to date with all of our live or upcoming deals please sign up to our Investment Portal Envestry.

As part of the Envestry community we have our own white-labeled, FCA-regulated fundraising platform where investors can view current and upcoming deals, view secure data rooms, pledge to invest and ask our team any questions they may have.

Live Deals