How we differ

Our values

We can facilitate secondary markets.

As a lead investor, in later rounds we have the ability to generate secondary market opportunities for existing investors and management.

CIP founders’ personal capital.

CIP founders are the largest investors in early rounds of financing. No other CIP investor carries more risk than the founders.

Our model is less dilutive.

CIP follows Just in Time (JIT) model by funding modest amounts annually. This results in lower levels of equity dilution for the founders and existing shareholders.

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We invest on the same terms as the founders.

CIP is not a fund. Our terms are set on a deal by deal, round by round basis. This ensures maximum alignment with the founders and investors. We prefer to invest in straight equity and on simple terms.

JIT Model

CIP follows the Just-in-Time funding model. Instead of providing businesses with large blocks of capital upfront, CIP funds them with modest amounts annually. This helps to minimise dilution for the founders and existing shareholders.

Minimises equity dilution for founders and existing investors. 

Short term milestones help ensure a higher degree of predictability and transparency for our investors. 

Raising capital on an annual basis helps to provide a degree of liquidity in the secondary market for our investors. 

Our investors have a rare opportunity to gradually build up their investment positions based on annual company results. 

Portfolio companies are required to deliver on pre-agreed metrics each year to qualify for follow-on capital.