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Degreed Acquires Adepto to Enable Businesses to Sense and Respond to Shifting Demand for Skills

Acquisition will add enhanced skills inventories, on-the-job development experiences, and career mobility to industry-leading learning experience platform. Employee turnover due to lack of future career opportunities costs the typical large organization $49 million per year. PLEASANTON, Calif., Dec. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Degreed, the workforce upskilling platform for one-in-three Fortune 50 companies, has acquired Adepto, a…

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Integrate acquires London-based Akkroo for $34m to modernise B2B event marketing

I’m thrilled to announce our acquisition of the market-leader in mobile event lead capture and management, Akkroo. This is Integrate’s second acquisition in the last three months as we continue to deliver a smarter, more scalable approach to unifying the data, channels, technology and human processes required to generate demand for B2B companies. The pursuit of finding the right…

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Newcastle angel investor group CIP named as one of the best in the UK

A Newcastle investment group has been named as one of the country’s top angel investors after its first year in business. Conviction Investment Partners (CIP) has been named by the UK Business Angels Association as one of the UK’s top three angel groups after raising $30m for start-up firms. The syndicate was launched by Jeremy…

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Event lead capture firm Akkroo raises £1.75m

London-based event lead capture company Akkroo has received a £1.75m cash injection in a round led by Conviction Investment Partners (CIP). Existing private investors also participated in the Series A round, with the business having access to potential further capital of an equal, or greater amount, in a year’s time. Akkroo, based in Brixton, will use the cash…

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