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Investment Pitch Program


Conviction Investment Partners is delighted to announce the launch of our Investment Pitch Program for high-growth, B2B SaaS businesses seeking early stage funding. Pitch to Conviction’s investment team and gain access to an exclusive network of private investors and family offices. We make sure our portfolio businesses stay well funded through to exit.


Read below for more information about Conviction, our criteria and application process.


Who we are:

Conviction Investment Partners is a London-based multi-stage investor in B2B SaaS businesses in Europe and the UK.  Unlike traditional VCs, we are a group of 90+ HNWIs and Family Offices looking to back and nurture companies with a unicorn DNA. We provide friendly capital to early stage founders with a view to build significant positions over time through to exit.

In 3 short years we have invested over £70m in 15 businesses and had 3 exits, including a sale of iZettle to PayPal for $2.2bn. We are now looking to double our investment velocity and build a diverse portfolio of industry-leading businesses.

From our collective experience, we understand the high cost of early stage capital to founding teams. To tackle this common market asymmetry, we invest using a ‘milestone-based’ approach by funding smaller, more frequent investment rounds at rising valuations. This model helps minimise equity dilution for the founders and existing shareholders and increase company’s capital efficiency.


We seek full alignment with the founders prioritising simple terms, ordinary shares and transparent pricing. We are a small team with access to a large network of investors and ample opportunities for sector-focused introductions, market intelligence and secondaries.


What we look for:

At Conviction our focus is on early stage, fast-growing, disruptive B2B SaaS companies in Europe and the UK. Initially, we look to co-invest alongside a Lead with a view to follow-on as Lead in future rounds. Our ability to provide follow-on lead capital has proven invaluable to our portfolio companies.


We look to fund companies that require potent co-investors to join their Seed, Late Seed, or Series A rounds and demonstrate the following investment characteristics:

  • 12-18 months of commercial traction;
  • Minimum £300k in Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR);
  • Recurring B2B SaaS contracts with a minimum of 3 paying customers;
  • Triple digit (%), high-growth trajectory;
  • Large addressable market able to absorb a £1bn+ exit.


Although we invest across a range of sectors within B2B SaaS, particular areas of interest and prior exposure include FinTech, Future of Work and Data Analytics.


How to apply:

If you believe your business meets the outlined criteria and would like to be considered for an early stage co-investment from Conviction Investment Partners, please follow the below link to complete an application form.

Our team will endeavour to process all applications within 2 weeks of their submission. We will use your answers, pitch deck and our criteria to select the top candidates and invite them to a 30-minute virtual investment pitch. Unsuccessful applications will have the opportunity to enter our watch list.


Investment Pitch Program Questionnaire