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Archive for April 2020

Picasso Labs

Our investment into Picasso Labs, the B2B software helping multinational brands analyse their ad content. Picasso Labs was founded in 2015 by Anastasia Leng who previously worked at Google and has vast amounts of experience in the ad tech and analytics space. Picasso Labs was created as a result of a happy accident; Anastasia and…

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Our investment into Hullabalook, the disruptive customer experience platform for online retailers. Deemed the next generation of e-commerce 2.0 by the founders, Hullabalook (HB) provides online retailers with a Customer Experience (CX) platform that makes shopping their websites seamless and fun. The disruptive CX platform builds dynamic web applications to enhance consumers’ online shopping experience…

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Conviction Investment Partners launch new investment fund Despite the Coronavirus lockdown, Conviction Investment Partners is pressing ahead with plans to launch a new investment fund. The Conviction Investment Partners Founders Fund will focus exclusively on fast growth, disruptive B2B software companies with global potential. It hopes to make between 15 and 20 such investments. Jeremy Middleton…

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