What we do

We are a syndicate of global investors pursuing early stage, SaaS based, disruptive tech opportunities. We founded our syndicate back in early 2000s on principles that remain remarkably similar after 15 years of co-investing together:

  • To seek out post-revenue, pre-profit businesses with revenue track records exceeding 18 months.

  • To focus exclusively on industry disrupting tech companies that have demonstrated the ability to dominate their domestic markets and are preparing for global expansion.

  • To invest only in deals that are expected to generate 10x returns and have the potential to grow into unicorn companies. We manage a concentrated, high conviction portfolio of businesses.

  • To provide them with 'Just In Time' capital funding which minimises equity dilution for the founders and existing investors.

  • To offer all investors the same terms. Our deals tend to be capacity constrained and syndicate investors are therefore restricted to a maximum allocation on each investment round.

  • To be the lead investor. As principal investors, the founders of CIP expect to be the largest investors in the initial rounds of financing.


Risk Assessment

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We do not provide advice in respect of any investment decision made by investors through this Platform, nor do we give any advice in connection with a potential investor’s membership of the Platform.

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